Together we can make a difference

Help Bristol’s Homeless (CIC) is a non-profit, social enterprise with a mission to change the face of homelessness in Bristol.

Unlike other homeless charities, our ethos is that housing must come first, and then everything else comes after. Many complex factors can lead to homelessness, and while it is true that these issues need to be resolved to keep people off the street, we believe that the priority must be to get people into safe, stable and comfortable accommodation. From there, we can help them to improve their own lives and reach their potential.

Free clothing and food can help people to survive homelessness, but it does not provide a way out. Programmes aimed at resolving complex issues such as addiction are vital, but do not solve the day-to-day problems of being homeless. We do not believe a person suffering from homelessness can make the most of these programmes, or reach their own potential, when they face a daily task of finding a safe place to stay. We believe that the best way to help homeless people is to give them a secure base from which they can build their lives.

We work with the support of our directors, staff and volunteers to build accommodation, to be used by residents while they access the help they need to secure a permanent home. By providing users with the security and dignity that everyone deserves, we empower them to take an active role in improving their own situation. Our mission is to get homeless people off the street first, and then give them a helping hand in the right direction.

Founder, Help Bristol's Homeless

Our Directors

Jasper Thompson

Jasper (full name Hubert Thompson) was born in Jamaica but has lived in the UK for most of his adult life. He has always tried to help those less fortunate than himself but in the last couple of years has become more and more aware of the increasing number of homeless people on the streets of Bristol. In early 2017, he and his wife started handing out hot food to the homeless on a Sunday morning in the centre of Bristol, they were soon joined by many supportive volunteers. But Jasper felt there was more he could do. Through contacts, he was offered an old mobile home, and a site to place it on. On the site was a shipping container which inspired him to start converting them into self-contained micro flats. Since then Help Bristol's Homeless has converted 11 micro flats as well as a double decker bus and are hoping to move onto a more permanent site soon.

Zoradi Tucker

Zoradi was born and brought up within the sounds of Rolls Royce airfield in Filton from 1963 to 1981, before moving to Warmley, near Kingswood. After holding a range of jobs after leaving school, she attended university as a mature student and after four years graduated with a B.Ed (Hons) and began her teaching career in 1990. As a primary school teacher she specialised in Special Needs Education and pioneered a new subject - Personal Social and Emotional Education. Zoradi has three children, two at University and one at college, and a veritable zoo of pets at home. She has always been altruistic in nature, likes to get involved and make a difference. She is passionate about addressing the plight of any displaced person, and believes everyone needs a place to be safe and call home. Though she now lives in Somerset, she will always be a proud Bristolian.

George Ferzoco

George was born in Canada and has lived in Bristol since 1995. He is a university lecturer and has taught at Leeds, Exeter, Leicester and South Wales (Caerleon campus). Over the past 23 years, George has seen the steady growth of homeless people on Bristol's streets. Like so many of us, he has wondered how this situation has arisen, and what he could possibly do to assist with matters. Fortunately for George, the HBH community combines everything he could hope for in a charitable organisation: helping those who need help most, and rolling up their sleeves and doing something visible and obviously helpful. George is thrilled to be able to assist the HBH crew and its wider community by making sure everyone he meets has learned something about poverty and homelessness in Bristol, and the unique response HBH provides.

Peter Musgrove

Peter was born in 1954 in an orphanage in Germany, adopted by a English military couple, he eventually moved to the small village of Churchill in Somerset. At the age of 12 he moved to Bristol and attended Ashton Park school till the age of 16, "four years he did not enjoy". After school, he started an apprenticeship as an aircraft electrical engineer and had the pleasure of being in the 1st Concorde to land at Filton. At the age of 24, he started his own building company which he's been doing ever since. 3 years ago Peter semi retired, he has two grown up daughters both artists, one living in London and the other in Berlin, as well as a step daughter who lives in London and works for Centrepoint and her brother an artist who lives in Liverpool. Peter now lives in Stoke Bishop with his partner.

Our Mission

We believe that having a home is not an entitlement, it is a RIGHT. Everybody should have the opportunity to live in a place they can call their own.

Our mission is to change the face of homelessness in Bristol. Through the support of our directors, volunteers and supporters our vision is to develop a site with ten containers, converted into self-contained studio flats, providing temporary accommodation until a service user can find a more permanent home. Your help and support is vital to making this vision a reality. Just follow the links below to find out more about us and the ways in which you can get involved.

How we help

Community Events

We hold regular events and meetings to help raise awareness of the homelessness situation in Bristol.

Floating Support

We offer support to help people tackle all kinds of issues such as rent arrears, benefits issues, and social isolation.

Form Filling

We understand that people often need help with filling out forms and other paperwork. We are here to help.

Temporary Accommodation

We offer our service users interim, short-term accommodation until a long-term solution can be found.

Street Outreach

We help people who sleep rough in Bristol. We work closely with local authorities to provide long-term solutions.

Emergency Care

We provide Bristol's homeless with care packages, including food, sleeping bags, clothing, and other items essential for decent and dignified...